About Me.

My name is Mystery Barista or MB for short.  I have worked for Starbucks for a few years and totally love what I do there.  My store is located in California.

Here’s quick info about me: I’m a 23 year-old female college student.  I’m studying journalism and I love writing.  Part of me just wants to start recording some of the stories from my day-to-day at the sbux…so I started this blog.  Maybe one day I’ll use the collection as inspiration for a novel.

The Starbucks Corporation has nothing to do with this website.  They pay me to make your drinks…and these stories are free.  Everything I say and write on this page are my own thoughts and words and my boss and my bosses boss and my bosses bosses boss have nothing to do with my opinions.

I’m keeping my identity secret because I don’t want (A) to get fired (B) to make any of the people in my stories feel uncomfortable.  I don’t really think I’d get fired for writing this blog (I don’t plan on talking shit on the company or anything), but I’m just playing it safe.

I’ve got the mouth of a sailor, and I don’t plan on censoring curse words in my stories.  So deal.

My favorite drink today is the Eggnog Latte (ask me tomorrow and it’ll probably be something else). I love the sweetness of the eggnog cut with milk.  Yum!

What’s your fav holiday beverage?


About The Mystery Barista

I get paid to make your drinks. These stories are free.
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