My Law Student Boyfriend

It’s lame that this is my first post after the introduction post…but whatever I’m a chick.

I’ve got a humongous crush on a customer that comes in on a regular basis.  How dumb is this: I don’t even know his name.

He’s a law student and comes in and studies pretty regularly.  It’s gotten past a point where I can comfortably say, “what’s your name?”  Like I should know it already.  A partner at my store suggested that I ask, “what’s your name again?”  Adding the “again” to let him know that I understand that I should know his name…I’ve just forgotten it.

Today when he walked in I told the partner I was working with that he was my “Bux Boy.”  She proceeded to tell me about her “Bux Boy” who is this (IMO) unattractive frat bro that comes in and orders TWO Sausage Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwhiches and eats both of them while he talks to her.

Nasty.  I’ll take a quite studious type over an obnoxious over eater that talks with his mouth full.


About The Mystery Barista

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