Lazy Lumpy

Sidenote: I told myself that I wasn’t going to blog about specific coworkers.  But then when I was working today I couldn’t think of anything to blog about besides this annoying coworker.  So here you go.

I work with a partner nicknamed “Lumpy.”  His real name is Stewart, but everyone calls him “Lumpy”  He says it’s a nickname he picked up in High School.


He’s totally lazy and I hate working with him.  The main reason I hate working with him is because he’s totally lazy.  Today I was working the drive-thru window and he was working drive-thru ordering.  That means he was supposed to be taking the orders, fetching drinks from the espresso bar, and making all of our cold beverages (teas, Frappuccinos, and iced coffees).  While I was supposed to be focusing on customer interaction and delivering drinks and handling cash.

Only that didn’t happen.  At least thirty times during the four hours where our shift overlapped I turned around to pick up an order that was at the window and it wasn’t ready…so I walked over to see that Lazy Lumpy hadn’t made the Frappuccino or he hadn’t poured the iced coffee.

I was thoroughly annoyed.

When I was wrapping up my shift, I unassigned my register and was just about to take off my apron and Lazy Lumpy was in the back talking to a partner that was taking a ten-minute break about some stupid youtube video.  And just about the same time as I was about to walk off the floor, my headset rang.  Remember that it’s Lazy Lumpy’s job to take the orders.

But he just kept chatting with his buddy.

I could have done his job for him…but instead I pressed the call-button and said, “Thanks for stopping by Starbucks.  Someone will be right with you.”  Then I took my headset off and left.

I hate his guts.


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