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I’ve got a grande caramel macchiato for the homeless guy…

At my Starbucks, we’re lucky that we don’t have too many homeless people in the neighborhood.  I do know that some homeless people camp out in stores and the partners have to kick them out all the time. I opened … Continue reading

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Lazy Lumpy

Sidenote: I told myself that I wasn’t going to blog about specific coworkers.  But then when I was working today I couldn’t think of anything to blog about besides this annoying coworker.  So here you go. I work with a … Continue reading

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Garish, Over-Priced Latte?

This really happened today: Me: Good morning!  What can we make for you today? Customer: Can I get a garish, over-priced latte? Me: Sure [completely ignoring his stupid joke].  What size? Customer: Grande. Me: That’ll be $3.88. Customer: Robbery. Seriously?  … Continue reading

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My Law Student Boyfriend

It’s lame that this is my first post after the introduction post…but whatever I’m a chick. I’ve got a humongous crush on a customer that comes in on a regular basis.  How dumb is this: I don’t even know his … Continue reading

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About Me.

My name is Mystery Barista or MB for short.  I have worked for Starbucks for a few years and totally love what I do there.  My store is located in California. Here’s quick info about me: I’m a 23 year-old … Continue reading

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